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Green Enterprise Solutions inducts 25 students to build ICT-knowledge for the next generation of professionals

Green Enterprise Solutions inducts 25 students to build ICT-knowledge for the next generation of professionals

Local ICT company, Green Enterprise Solutions, is hosting a two week-long induction to build capacity amongst 25 selected students from tertiary institutions, giving them real-world experience to enhance their theoretical knowledge.

The students are from the Namibia University of Science and Technology, University of Namibia, Lingua College and International University of Management. The fully-fledged programme gives a ‘hands-on’ educational framework for interns and young Namibian professionals giving them experience in technical and administrative programmes of ICT. These include; software development, infrastructure technologies, networking and cyber security.

Many local tertiary students have limited options when it comes to internship opportunities, even though it is an academic requirement during their final year of studies before obtaining their respective qualifications. This was one of the reasons that over the past 10 years to date, Green Enterprise Solutions has hosted a number of students from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. University of Namibia, International University of Management and Lingua College.

The duration of these internships is between three to six months or longer, depending on the internship guide and requirements as well as performance of the interns.

At the week-long induction session this week, Green Enterprise Solutions’ Managing Director Kehad Snydewel highlighted that as a Namibian company, it is important to actively participate in this programme.

“Otherwise Namibia will not have local capable resources to contribute to the development of Namibia with bespoke ICT solutions and contribute to the further development of Namibia as a knowledge-based society,” Snydewel said.

Students taking part in the two-week induction.

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