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Wildlife Resorts attacks messenger for alerting public about conditions at Fort Namutoni

Wildlife Resorts attacks messenger for alerting public about conditions at Fort Namutoni

Namibia Wildlife Resorts this week offered some sort of excuse for the condition of Fort Namutoni without addressing the allegations circulated in social media that the resort manager’s own staff was responsible for the damage.

Instead, Wildlife Resorts’ Manager Corporate Communications, Mufaro Nesongano laid the blame on the whistleblowers who took the pictures and alerted the Namibian public about the deplorable condition of Fort Namutoni.

“Upon physical inspection, it came to light that only a few rooms were not in good condition. It also came to light that, even though the rooms in the fort were inaccessible to the general public, forced entry was made to gain access to the rooms, especially the rooms from which photos were taken and circulated,” stated Nesongano.

In an earlier statement, Namibia Wildlife Resorts said the upgrading of the fort will cost in the region of N$20 million but this level of funding for maintenance is currently not available.

Affirming the importance of Fort Namutoni as a National Heritage Site, Nesongano confirmed that some alterations and renovations were done there in 2007 with approval of the National Heritage Council.

Fort Namutoni was first classified as a national heritage site in 1950 by the Historical Monuments Commission of the then South West Africa.

The fort was closed to the public in 2013 when all retail services housed in it were moved to the current restaurant and shop.

In the meantime, Wildlife Resorts has not offered a plausible explanation how the condition of the fort deteriorated so dramatically and why it appears on the social media images as if people have been squatting in some of the rooms. The parastatal also failed to explain how the actions of a whistleblower to save the fort, could lead to “destroying that which is dear to all of us, namely, the country’s national assets treasures.”


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