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Local youth invited to take part in nuclear competition

Local youth invited to take part in nuclear competition

Russian nuclear company Rosatom, has invited local youths to take part in the 6th version of its annual online video nuclear competition for African youths.

The competition which is open to students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 35 encourages the youth to explore nuclear technologies and how these technologies can be utilized to benefit their region.

According to Ryan Collyer, Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom Central and Southern Africa, nuclear technologies are at the heart of many innovations that Africa can benefit greatly from.

“Rosatom strongly believes that the youth need to play a vital role in achieving the United Nations Sustainability goals and more specifically in the fight against climate change. Rosatom
puts a great deal of resources into supporting youth to foster their talents and share their views and ideas. We are confident that nuclear can help to archive the UN Sustainability Goals in
Africa, not only through clean and affordable energy, but also through life saving medical procedures and technologically advanced agricultural practices. Through this competition we
hope that the youth will educate themselves and their peers on the immense benefits that nuclear technology has to offer,” said Collyer.

Interested participants must submit their 75-minute video by 31 January, 2021. Potential topics for videos are (but not limited to); How can nuclear technologies assist in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) in Africa or your country?; How can Nuclear technologies help developing countries industrialize?; How can non-power related nuclear science and technology benefit your country or community?; Nuclear in our everyday lives and Myths and fears about nuclear and how to overcome them.

The top three winning videos will be selected by an independent expert panel observing various criteria including original content and creativity, overall quality of the video and content, accuracy and relevance of technical content, as well as ability to clearly communicate the content to an audience.

The creators f the top three videos will be rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to Russia, where they will get the opportunity to visit several of the country’s world-renowned tourist attractions as well as various nuclear institutions and advanced nuclear facilities.

The participants are encouraged to post their videos on Facebook, following the formal guidelines set out below and submit their applications to the email [email protected] or by the link to online submission form

Ryan Collyer, Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom Central and Southern Africa.

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