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Closing date for awards entries draws near

The executive committee of the Namibia Annual Music Awards has announced that the closing date for entries for the awards in the various categories remain unchanged and will be on 25 January as  announced last year.
Executive committee member, Tim Ekandjo said no extension will be made on the closing date and that artists and their managers should rather ensure that they submit their entries on or before the closing date.
“The entire process leading up to the main awards is tied to specific timelines and we can unfortunately not move the dates as that would have a negative impact on the organisation of the whole awards. We therefore urge and encourage every eligible artist to submit their entries as soon as possible,” Ekandjo said.
He added that a significant number of entries have already been received which bodes well for the awards in general.
“I wish to thank those artists and their managers for having submitted their entries already.  We will pass these entries over to the steering committee and eventually to the judges. These processes will be announced in due course,” said Ekandjo.
He also clarified the issue of ‘commercial release’ as stipulated in the rules of the awards.
“Commercial release date simply means the date on which the album or single was made available for sale to the market. This is the same as album release date as others would call it. The steering committee will make a concerted effort with the music industry and NASCAM to verify such dates to ensure they comply with the rules,” he said.

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