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Dill-rich made me vote

It might be old news that “our” Dillish was crowned best entertainer in the recently ended Big Brother “The Chase” house and bagged herself a cool US$300,000, but I am sure it is definitely news that I voted for her every time she was up for eviction.

I do not own a television, neither do I watch Big Brother, but yes, I voted everyday and every hour because I felt it was my national duty as a Namibian to vote and make sure that we (by we, I mean Namibia represented by Dillish) bring the money home.
I voted for Dillish because she is Namibian and was in the Big Brother House representing the Land of the Brave, not because I know her personality or I want a share of her millions. And I am trying to prove some people wrong, who claim I am a hater. Well I can’t be such a hater, if I voted for Dillish and contributed to her winning almost N$3million.
Namibians have been celebrating since Dillish was announced the winner of the 8th season of Big Brother Africa, To me it was obvious that she would bring the money home after surviving five nominations to save herself and being swapped a few times.
While I was voting for Dillish, I felt that the Nationhood and National Pride Campaign was developed with me in mind. Dillish was like a little political party and I was the voter. I think I have found my new love and it’s voting,. I can not wait for the national elections next year, so that I can vote, vote, vote. It’s my national duty after all.
The Nationhood and National Pride Campaign through the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology was develop as a vehicle to support and sustain Namibian citizenship and motivate our individual and collective consciousness to recognise our duty, commitment, obligations and responsibility to the nation and to each other as fellow citizens.
Right now, I am proud to say that I am Namibian. We showed Africa that we can be patriotic and support each other. We showed Africa that Namibia has what it takes to be the next winner of Big Brother Africa “The Chase”, not only do we have beautiful women, but we are smart and we are go-getters.
Dillish not only stole the hearts of Namibians but the whole of Africa. She showed the contestants that being wild and jumping from bed to bed will not get you anywhere but will get you evicted from the game.
I remember at the beginnings of the game, 3 months ago, many people had not so kind word to say about the 22-year old third-year Psychology student at UNAM, Dillish Matthews and radio personality and model, Maria Nepembe when they were announced the Namibian representatives in the House.
As usual, people flocked to the social networking sites to either insult or to congratulate them, obviously forgetting that they are in there representing Namibia as a country. But today, Dillish made us proud.
While many are happy, there are still others out there that say she only won because she is beautiful. Now my question is, those people who say that Dillish won because of her beauty, are you trying to say that men are the biggest Big Brother fans, because I am sure women would not vote for another woman to win a show because she is beautiful.
Dilish is the eighth winner of the reality show. She won because Africa loved her and most importantly she won because we stood behind her and voted for her. Now please Mr Pohamba give the girl a house in Swakopmund, she carried her Namibian flag with pride. Congrats Dillish, you deserve it.


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