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Manica Group bags advanced mobile hopper and bagging system

Manica Group bags advanced mobile hopper and bagging system

Manica Group Namibia recently invested in an advanced mobile hopper and bagging system, a first of its kind in the country and a historic milestone for the port of Walvis Bay.

The bagging plant arrived in Walvis Bay at the end of last year and is currently stationed in the port awaiting the arrival of its first shipment. The bagging plant allows for products to be shipped in bulk and bagged at destination; a revolutionary approach to bulk shipping.

According to the Group, the Nectar Hopper and Bagging system is one of the world’s most advanced mobile bagging systems and is designed to be completely self-contained. Although technically advanced, it is user friendly and easily operated. Each unit contains 2 bagging lines with built-in scales, strictly certified in accordance with Dutch Weights and Measures (N.M.I), enabling a guarantee of accurately weighed bags and detailed records of delivered and received cargo quantities.

The Group in a statement said the plant’s superior and efficient performance translates to significant cost savings, which includes less handling of bags, direct delivery, lower transportation and handling costs, to name a few. The equipment can bag free flowing bulk products at up to 140 tonnes per hour. The mobile design allows movement of facility between berths or even different terminals.

The hopper has a capacity of 21m3 and is fitted with a protection frame suitable for touching down a grab directly from the ship’s crane. Galvanised steel grids with 30 mm holes on top of the unit prevent lumps or foreign material entering the weighing mechanism. The hopper also comprises a lockable storeroom for secure storage of spare parts. It features two extendable hopper sides (operated by hand winches). These extend the total grab discharge area to 4.5 x 5 meters.

Meanwhile, the Group looks forward to increased productivity and ease of business for their customers and providing a one-of-a-kind service, whilst promoting Walvis Bay as a premier bulk handling destination.


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