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State and private hospitals reach near full capacity as COVID-19 cases continue to climb – Minister

State and private hospitals reach near full capacity as COVID-19 cases continue to climb – Minister

The Health Minister, Dr Kalumbi Shangula said there is a continuing and rapid rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country which demonstrates that the second wave has now far exceeded and eclipsed the first wave.

“Many state and private hospitals in the country have reached near full or full capacity and some are unable to admit due to lack of space, especially in terms of intensive care beds and facilities,” he said as he addressed the nation on Wednesday.

According to Shangula, the situation is affecting and has been experienced in most regions and during the past two weeks, a total of 6402 newly confirmed cases out of 26,191 test results were recorded.

“Together with the growing number of cases, healthcare workers are being infected and have thus to be demobilized,” he said.

Namibia has so far recorded a total number of 1350 healthcare workers who have been infected with COVID-19, including six deaths. “This is very worrisome as more staff are, and will be required to manage COVID-19 patients and clients,” he added.

Shangula said a radical change in the behaviour of people is needed in order to stem the avalanche of COVID-19 infections in the country or Namibia may face unprecedented devastation from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the country’s health regulations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 will lapse at midnight Wednesday and new regulations with minimal changes will come into force for another 21 days until the 3 February.


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