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New Council leads Law Society into post-Covid era

New Council leads Law Society into post-Covid era

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of Namibia, four new councillors joined the four who remained from the previous council, as the society’s council that will guide it over the next year.

In the collage above, the new councillors appear in the top row. From the left are Ester Kuugongelwa, Pius Iikwambi, Heinrich Jansen van Vuuren and Matti Mwandingi.

The councillors who continue with the second year of their two-year term are in the bottom row. From the left are Jo-mari Koekemoer, Vanessa Boesak, Gilroy Kasper and Appolos Shimakeleni.

The new council is chaired by Ester Kuugongelwa, assisted by Jo-mari Koekemoer as Vice Chair.


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