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Conservationists share their love of big cats

World-famous conservationists Jonathan and Angela Scott will visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s centre near Otjiwarongo to familiarise themselves with conservation efforts in the country.
Jonathan and Angela Scott are known for their photographs, books, and the internationally acclaimed TV series “Big Cat Diaries”.
Their visit to CCF will be followed by a lecture and fund raiser in Windhoek on 14 February. The lecture, “Love your Predators: A Valentine’s Date With Big Cats”, will be held at the Thule Hotel at 18:30.
Jonathan and Angela will share some great anecdotes about the lives of the magnificent ‘Big Cats’.  “Jonathan and Angie are two of the most respected conservationists in the world, and few people know the importance of predators more than them. We are extremely fortunate to be able to host them during this visit to Namibia and to share their knowledge and passion with our supporters and friends,” said Dr Laurie Marker, founder and executive director of CCF.
The Scotts are in Namibia to attend the African Lion Working Group Conference in Etosha National Park from 10 to 11 February and will participate in a week-long safari to the Skeleton Coast and Serra Cafema close to the Angolan border.
“Namibia is one of our favourite wild places, one of the most scenic spots on the planet. We are regular contributors to national and international wildlife and travel magazines and will be writing up our adventures on our return to our home in East Africa. In the meantime, we will be sure to enjoy your remarkable country. As Honorary Patrons of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (UK) we are thrilled with the opportunity to join Dr Laurie Marker and reacquaint ourselves with the work of the Fund,” said Jonathan.
Jonathan and Angie Scott are award winning authors and internationally renowned wildlife photographers based in Kenya. They have written and illustrated 26 books and are the only couple to have individually won the Overall Award in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition – Jonathan in 1987 and Angie in 2002. They have been honoured as Canon Ambassadors – and members of the SanDisk Elite Team – a small group of world-renowned photographers whose work and ethos has proved an inspiration to others.
Jonathan has presented many popular television series such as Big Cat Diary, Elephant Diaries, Big Bear Diary and Dawn to Dusk.
The wild cheetah population has decreased by 90% in just over 100 years, from 100,000 in 44 countries at end of the 19th century to approximately 10 000 today. Cheetahs are found in 23 African countries, with a small group (approximately 70) in Iran. CCF aims to conserve the cheetah and ultimately ensure its future on our planet by working with all stakeholders within the cheetah’s ecosystem to develop best practices in research, education and ecology and create a sustainable model from which all other species, including people, will benefit.
Tickets for the “Love your Predators: A Valentine’s Date With Big Cats”, cost N$250 and include appetisers. For information about the event or to reserve tickets, contact the CCF: Heike at 067-304 806 or 081-3454605.

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