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Preliminary census results to be released in March

The National Planning Commission (NPC) will release preliminary results of the 2011 Population and Housing Census in March, according to Liina Kafidi, census manager at the NPC’s Central Bureau of Statistics.
The official date of the release of the Census Thematic Report, which will contain an in-depth analysis based on different themes, will be announced by Tom Alweendo, director general of the National Planning Commission.
The census office commenced with data processing at the end of 2011.
“This process involves the coding and verification of some sections of the census questionnaire and the process is progressing as planned,” Kafidi said.
The final and complete census results will be released in 2014.
Preparatory activities for the census have been going on since 2010, while the main activity started on 28 August 2011 and was officially scheduled to end on 10 September 2011, but was later extended.
To ensure the credibility and reliability of the information provided by citizens during the enumeration process, a post enumeration survey was done in November. It carried out a 10% census count to verify information collected from the main census.
About N$200 million has been allocated for the exercise. The funds were spent on the entire census activities including the pre-enumeration phase, enumeration phase and for the post enumeration phase and the extension.
In an earlier interview with the Economist, Ester Paulus, public relations officer at the National Planning Commission, confirmed that additional cost had been incurred during the extension period.
“The total budget for the entire census operations from 2008/2009 to 2014/15 is about N$ 276, 539, 951.51,” Kafidi said.

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