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Social Security and NAPWU sign Recognition agreement

Peter Nevonga NAPWU Secretary General and SSC acting EO Mr. David Keendjele shake hands.

Peter Nevonga NAPWU Secretary General and SSC acting EO Mr. David Keendjele shake hands.

The Social Security Commission and Namibia Public Worker’s Union (NAPWU) signed a recognition agreement at the Commission’s Head Office in Windhoek.
Acting Executive Officer Mr. David Keendjele of the Social Security Commission said: “We are happy that the signing of this agreement went smoothly and know that it will assist in regulating sound industrial relations between us and the union. We are looking forward to the regulation of communication and cooperation, the promotion of efficiencies and productivity, the protection of the rights of employer and employee and the promotion of a culture of collective responsibility and accountability.”
NAPWU Secretary General Mr. Peter Nevonga in his address stated that the document was not just a piece of paper but will act as a working document that will be used to strengthen and build mutual relationship between both parties.
“We cannot serve our stakeholders and clients well if our relationship here at home is not well nurtured. Labour unions historically might have been seen as trouble makers but the labour relations proved that they harmonise, unite, and create mutual likeness between employers and employees.”
He concluded by saying that there might be differences at certain stages but this should not stop everyone from working together.
“We should solve our problems without inviting a third party to our dispute. That means we should find amicable solutions as early as possible so that we don’t reach the highest level of problem resolution.”

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