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Save @ Fair

Every financial institution tries to lure clients to sign up for one of their savings and investment products, but investing can be intimidating, especially if clients don’t understand the products on offer.
Bank Windhoek will be exhibiting at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair (OATF) as an additional platform to provide aspiring investors with information on the various savings and investment products on offer. Clients who open a savings or investment account at the OATF will automatically be entered into a competition draw where they stand a chance to win savings and investment prizes.
“Every client has specific savings and investment needs, which include the reason for investing, the amount to be invested and the expected return on investment. Some of the reasons for saving and investing may include building up a healthy safety net that could assist you with unexpected financial situations, or help you afford that special something, that you would therwise not be able to afford. Our staff members at the OATF will assist clients to make the right savings and investment decisions to help them to achieve their savings and investment objectives”, said Bokkie Cloete, Manager: Business Development (Traditional Banking Channels) at Bank Windhoek.

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