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Kavango East and Agribank look at partnerships to make agriculture flourish

Kavango East and Agribank look at partnerships to make agriculture flourish

Kavango East Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo has called on Agribank to partner with his office on plans to transform the agricultural sector in his region.

The Governor made this plea while addressing Agribank stakeholders during the ‘Let’s Talk’ stakeholders engagement session in Rundu recently. Wakudumo noted that it is saddening for the two Kavango regions to be classified as the poorest in the country, while having water in abundance and fertile soil with favourable climatic conditions that are suitable for agriculture.

“After the five years that are given to me to serve this region, I want to have made the agriculture sector more productive and sustainable, therefore I need Agribank to come on board. In terms of land, I have a good relationship with the traditional authorities. We can avail massive [areas of] land for agricultural purposes,” he stated.

The Governor invited Agribank’s leadership to visit and familiarise themselves with established ongoing agricultural projects in Kavango East

On his part, Agribank’s Chief Executive, Sakaria Nghikembua welcomed the Governor’s proposal and assured him of the bank’s commitment to engage regional leadership and farmers.

“We are fully aligned in terms of our thinking. My team and I attach quite a lot of value to these engagements. We stand ready to engage,” Nghikembua emphasised.

Kavango East Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo speaking at the Agribank stakeholders meeting in Rundu.


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