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Huawei’s Galileo Hall offers insights on 5G innovation to Southern African journalists

Huawei’s Galileo Hall offers insights on 5G innovation to Southern African journalists

The Huawei Galileo Hall yet again opened its doors to the media in Southern Africa through a virtual exhibition aimed at showcasing the best of 5G and its acclaimed capabilities.

More than 35 media houses across sub-Saharan Africa, including Namibia attended the virtual exhibition and picked up rare insights into the 5G innovation.

Speaking after the exhibition, Huawei Zambia Director of Public Relations, Hansen He said Huawei was pleased to satisfy media curiosity through close interactions and answering to the most pertinent questions, regarding 5G.

He added that the only way the ICT industry and players can begin to appreciate the influence of 5G and how countries can benefit both socially and economically from it, is by showing them the actual results that other countries have already yielded.

5G means remarkably fast-paced and indestructible speed for internet users. It enables signal carriers to transfer data at a breakneck speed and users to download huge files of any kind faster than before.

“It also means easier conveyance of great amounts of information for carriers and alleviated network jamming. The other assurance pegged to it is that consumers will consistently get strong faster connections”, which is indicated by Huawei top ICT Expert Mr. Jean Francois Tremblay.

Beyond wireless, 5G incorporates computing and cloud technologies to make everything smart and billions of devices connected simultaneously.

During the Exhibition, the media marveled at how China is making use of 5G capabilities to fast-track its social and economic development. Huawei already predicts that with the help of 5G, industries are going digital at a faster pace and that partners and customers could be helped to unleash the potential of 5G.

Inspired by Galileo’s pioneering achievements in science and technology, Huawei has named its spanking new 5G exhibition area the Huawei Galileo Hall, which is being used to showcase three key features of what makes a 5G network: large bandwidth, low latency and massive connections.


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