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City of Windhoek’s new E-Portal now secure, modern and easy to access

City of Windhoek’s new E-Portal now secure, modern and easy to access

The City of Windhoek’s new client E-Portal platform is now active on their website,, the municipal authority recently announced.

The new E-Portal replaces the previous client portal that was used to access online statements. The old platform will run concurrently with the new one until 31 December 2020, after which it will be shut down permanently, the municipality said in an announcement.

“The new E-Portal is a secure, modern and easy way to access the improved Online Statements service. We plan on continually adding more services (e.g. Meter Self Reading, Traffic Fines, Incident Reporting etc.) to this platform in order to make it an integrated single point of access to our services and thus we encourage all City clients to sign up to the new E-Portal,” the announcement added.

Meanwhile, the portal is accessible after clicking on the E-Portal link on our City of Windhoek website homepage (top, right-hand corner) and follow the links to register or login.

“Clients with active profiles on the previous client portal will automatically migrate to the new E-Portal along with all their activated municipal accounts. These clients will get an email with a link to setup a password on the new E-Portal – so they need not sign up again,” the concluded.


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