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Celebrity WUMA energy drink turns 10

Celebrity WUMA energy drink turns 10

Namibian kwaito artist EES, is celebrating 10 years since the launch of his very own vitamin energy drink called ‘WUMA’. He launched the energy drink in 2010 and created it based on healthy ingredients as he sees himself as a role model and did not want his fans to drink anything that could be harmful to their heart.

EES said after the launch of WUMA it quickly became a lifestyle drink amongst the younger Namibian generation, when people started posting with the drink on selfies and posting them on their social media platforms. “This was my first experience in the beverage industry and its was not always sunshine and roses, there have been some roller-coaster years in which WUMA was in some great difficulty in terms of sales and getting pushed out by some other international energy drink and beverages companies as they realised the potential threat of WUMA,” he explained.

Furthermore he said with not having the massive financial backing like some of the other international brands, he had to get the best shelf space in the stores, EES and his team had to step in there and do promotion after promotion to keep WUMA in the market. “I made sure that WUMA was seen in most of my music videos and even sponsored and supported other artists with drinks for their promotions,” he added.

He said this is how the local support kept growing with an increasing number of shops now nationwide selling WUMA, from the smallest kukashop to the largest supermarkets.

“This year marks the 10th anniversary of WUMA and I have released a special limited edition gold metallic label on all WUMAS and an incredible supersaver special selling WUMA for a limited time for only N$9,99 to N$12,99 depending on store market, to say thank you for everybody that has been supporting the movement and drink, to also celebrate this great achievement,” he said.

He advised fans who have bought the special gold label WUMA to take a selfie with the drink and share it on social media with the hashtag #WUMA and #GoldEdition to stand a chance to win one year of free WUMA vitamin energy drink.

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