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Tourism expo avails cosmetic industry platform to showcase locally made products

Tourism expo avails cosmetic industry platform to showcase locally made products

The Namibia Network of the Cosmetics industry (NANCi) with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) “Promotion of Business Advisory and Economic Transformation Services” (ProBATS), the Global Business Networks and the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade (MIT) gave 12 SMEs the opportunity to exhibit cosmetics made locally at the Namibia Tourism Expo 2020 that recently took place.

NANCi which came about as part the Growth@Home Strategy in 2016 as a loose network of like-minded industry stakeholders is now formalised.

It was established with the aim to bring together local companies and people; involved in manufacturing cosmetic and natural health products. This includes companies and people who cultivate and/or harvest and/or process raw materials for health and beauty products. As well as entities that make or provide the ingredients that go into health and beauty products that are: “Made in Namibia”. Service providers and community-based organisations associated with the industry are also part of the network.

The Minister of Industrialisation and Trade Lucia Iipumbu launched NANCi as a formalised organisation on 7 November, during a livestream.

In her speech the minister highlighted the progress made within the industry. The Minister stated; “The Namibian health and beauty sector, being buttressed by natural resources prevalent in communal areas, community forests and conservancies, is well intertwined with our tourism sector. The relationship is organic, and therefore, the Namibia Tourism Expo is the natural choice, and provides a great centralised marketing platform.”

The strategy has been a bigger success than had been anticipated and the Growth@Home Strategy will continue to build and expand upon its success. These achievements are in no small part attributable to the partnerships and cooperation of SMEs and the effort and drive of the people and producers themselves.

NANCi also had the privilege to host Ms. Gerlinde Sauer, Representative of the Embassy of Germany, during the launch. The consistent support from the German Government since NANCi’s inception has played a great part in enabling the member SMEs to develop and grow their brands.

The support includes assistance for network members to take part on an international level at trade fairs and market products internationally. Giving both small producers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the field of cosmetics much needed exposure for themselves and their products.

In a year that has been like no other and where COVID-19 has created immense economic challenges it is very rewarding to witness the growth and progress for the industry in 2020, she added.

“Cosmetics Made in Namibia” bode well for the future and for members of NANCi. Growth and expansion in a year such as this can only mean further growth in years that won’t have such unique challenges,” she added.

Meanwhile, NANCi’s presence at the tourism expo was rewarded, with sales exceeding 2019 figures. Reliable product presentation in the local market continues to empower communities, especially women and providing formal and informal employment for more than 10,000 Namibians.

Representatives of the health and beauty industry not yet part of NANCi can contact us if they would like become members. This includes communities and providers of natural raw materials and ingredients needed to manufacture “Cosmetics Made in Namibia”.


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