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Issuance of duplicate voter cards to commence next week

Issuance of duplicate voter cards to commence next week

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) will be issuing duplicate voter cards in all the 121 constituencies countrywide from 16 to 24 November, an official annouced this week.

A voter’s card is used to identify a registered voter during an election process as Namibia prepares to cast their votes in the 2020 Regional Council and Local Authority elections scheduled for 25 November.

“In the event that a voter may have lost or damaged their voter card, the eligible voter can apply for a duplicate voter card before the elections on the dates provided,” Chief Electoral Officer Theo Mujoro said, adding that the procedure is not for new voter registrations or change of details on current voter cards.

Mujoro said in order to receive a duplicate voter’s card, a registered voter must bring along the following documentations: a) A sworn declaration from the police of the facts and circumstanced relating to the loss; and b) A Namibian Identification Document (ID); or c) A valid Green Namibian Passport.

According to Mujuro, the issuance of duplicate cards will not take place on 23 November due to the Special Voting process that will take place.


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