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Defender straight-six diesel arrives in southern Africa

Defender straight-six diesel arrives in southern Africa

Land Rover announced this week that the six-cylinder diesel, promised at the launch of the new Defender, is now available in southern Africa.

The D300 straight six delivers a respectable 221kW horses and a massive 650Nm torque, almost comparable to a tractor. This type of powerplant is what eager Namibian Landie fans have been waiting for.

It has the ability to take the car fast on tar or gravel to its destination, but once going into the gramadoelas, it has the oomph to crawl over rocks, wade through flooded rivers, and plough through thick sand, – all elements that a Namibian offroad trip encounters in abundance.

Land Rover stated “The D300’s new intelligent driveline system continually varies axle torque based on sensor data from the vehicle’s surroundings and driver inputs to distribute all torque to one axle or the other as required. This intelligent torque distribution system optimises the driveline for traction, on-road dynamics and driveline efficiency, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions – all without sacrificing any of Defender’s inherent off-road capability.”

The six-cylinder diesel model also features Land Rover’s groundbreaking Intelligent All-Wheel drive system. Strong performance, smooth responses and refinement combine to deliver another Defender that’s a world-class all-rounder on-road and an unrivalled expert off-road.


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