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Pewa moves again, this time to radio and next year to television

Pewa moves again, this time to radio and next year to television

Serial entrepreneur, Twapewa Kadhikwa this week launches a radio talkshow as the Queen of Entrepreneurship to shape other aspiring young entrepreneurs’ mindset so that they can also be successful in their own endeavours.

Pewa, who has never sought formal employment, said “entrepreneurs are a key component of Namibia and Africa’s development agenda and it is with great pride that I take this journey to provide a platform where they can be heard. We have been working extremely hard to ensure that this is not just another business show but one that actively contributes to our growth as a nation and the continent at large.”

During each talkshow, Pewa will engage, discuss, probe and unpack key topics with various speakers, ranging from entrepreneurs and professionals to experts, leaders and trendsetters.

The opening show “Why you should start a business, Now!” is one not to be missed, Pewa advised.

As of next year, it is her intention that the show also flights on television.

Pewa is the proprietor of Xwama Cultural Village, Managing Member at Kadhikwa Chicken Farming, a director of Uranium exploration company, Bannerman Resources, founder of the Olafika SME Development & Mentorship Programme, Chief Executive of the Twapewa Kadhikwa Institute of Entrepreneurship & SME Development and the Deputy Chair of the Namibia Industrial Development Agency (NIDA). She is the author of the book, Successful Entrepreneurship – 20 Nuggets that will propel you to success.


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