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Archers train at SKW

On the last day, the camp was concluded with fun-shoots and games. “In the end, it’s not all about performance but also about fun” said coach Marja Woortman. The popularity of archery as a sport was demonstrated at a recent training camp when archers aged 7 to 50 participated under the instruction of two top international archers.
Archery is supported and promoted by the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW), which invested a great deal of its funds and time into modern facilities and the training of archers and coaches.
“Our vision is to create the possibility for training that reaches from the beginner up to the professional archer, who then can also compete with top archers in the world.” , explains Marja Woortman, a newly qualified trainer of the Federation of International Target Archery (FITA) and the Federation of African Archery (FAA). Woortman’s training experiences took her to several locations throughout the world, including the USA, South Africa, Poland and Turkey where she participated in courses, workshops or accompanied local archers to tournaments.
The intensive training camp for all Namibian archery clubs took place from 9 to 14 January at the SKW. Under the professional supervision of Woortman and Joseph Preiser, a renowned South African archer and trainer, the participants went through daily practise sessions and evaluations of style and techniques.
Out of three qualification levels of the FITA training course, Woortman had so far reached level two. After the camp, Woortman was tested for the final level and passed successfully, thus becoming the first FITA Level III qualified trainer in Namibia.

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