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German Defence prepares army for battle

The Minister of Defence, Hon. Nahas Angula and the German Ambassador to Namibia, His Excellency Onno Hückmann, last week signed the sixth governmental agreement on the Principles of the Equipment Aid Programme for 2013 to 2016. The two governments also agreed to continue with the Bundeswehr Technical Advisory Group which assists the Defence Force in a technical capacity.
The first Equipment Aid Programme agreement between Germany and Namibia was signed in 1992. The total budget so far amounts to N$200 million, while the new agreement comprise support exceeding N$40 million.
The cooperation through the Equipment Aid Programme and the German Advisory Group has been very successful in the past 21 years.
Ambassador Hückmann characterized the agreement as “outstanding evidence of the close and fruitful cooperation between the armed forces of our two sister nations”. A large number of remarkable projects have been realised, such as the vehicle mechanic training centre and the driving training terrain, which includes office buildings and the Mobile Field Hospital at Osona.
The 6th agreement focuses on the equipment and training of a Camp Operation Logistic Unit, which will enable Namibia to contribute to AU and UN peacekeeping missions. Furthermore, the construction of a medical facility and a maintenance facility will be realized to strengthen these crucial skills in the Defence Force.
All the projects will be financed 50% by the government which is a mayor contribution to the project. Ambassador Hückmann expressed his appreciation for the partnership lasting 20 years saying that the history of cooperation between the German Advisory Group and the Defence Force has been an extraordinary success.

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