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Poiyah Media continues to absorb interns – Close to forty interns welcomed since inception

Poiyah Media continues to absorb interns – Close to forty interns welcomed since inception

As Poiyah Media celebrates its over 1000 days in business, it welcomed its sixth group of interns to its public relations agency.

To date, Poiyah Media continues to open its doors for 3rd and final year NUST (Namibia University of Science and Technology), UNAM (University of Namibia), College of the Arts and IUM (International University Management) students and recently signed its Memorandum of Understanding with NUST for a twelve-month partnership through its internship programmes.

Since its inception, Poiyah Media not only focuses on boosting small medium enterprises through their public relations (PR) but also prepares its interns for the corporate world.

With close to forty interns since its inception, under the mentorship of its founder, Ilke Platt, over twenty clients have been served with a model that has worked through a hands-on learning approach.

Former interns with Poiyah mentioned that their experience has been an exciting, amazing learning curve and one that has changed their perception about what public relations is about. Their experience has allowed them to be more competitive in the workforce and has given them an added advantage.

Those who are now in the communications space, such as Shoki Kandjimi who in 2019 started his role as Information specialist at Ministry of Information Communication and Technology, alongside Evangeline Nicanor, as well as Victoria Petrus, Claudine Narimas, Mariam Ananias, Khadijah Mouton amongst many more in various institutions within the public relations and communications departments. Poiyah Media’s latest recruitment in the corporate world includes Frieda Lukas, who will commence her new role at the United Nations Development Program in November as its Communications Officer.

The journey of six months practical work, serving clients and learning on the job has never been easy and with the pandemic, its founder highlighted challenges but more opportunities.

“This intake was unique because of the particular circumstances under which they were recruited. For the first time virtual interviews were conducted and the first meeting was conducted virtually. Apart from a few challenges, this pandemic has allowed our new working mode to be the new norm. We are grateful that finally many can appreciate that working from home or the comfort of any place, can equally deliver the same results. It doesn’t always have to be about fancy office space, but delivering beyond the expectation of the client. Working to maintain public relations during a global pandemic is not a walk through the park, but the team is ready to continue taking Poiyah Media to greater heights and making it their own,” Platt said.

With over one hundred applications received for its latest internship programme, shortlisted candidates were interviewed and selected based on various criteria that were set for its selection process with some requirements for applicants to be a pr, english, media, marketing or communications third or final year student from any Namibian tertiary institution.

The Public Relations agency continues to use its platform and powerful position in the public relations sphere to facilitate access to professional visibility for talented young and eager Namibians.

This year, while not all the successful interns met these criteria, the successful candidates have been chosen based on merits such as their proven track record of excellence, consistent demonstration of willingness to learn and general adaptability to high pressure and high professional environments.

The interns, who have already hit the ground running, are well-positioned to gain work experience as well as strategic partnership with potential future employers. This application process has run successfully over the past three years and has become a highly sought-after internship programme, since its inception in 2017 with a continuous demand of internship seen through the numbers of applications and remains visibly dedicated to contributing to youth professional development.

The agency remains focused on media coverage, content generation, brand management, corporate social responsibility and the conceptualization of public relations campaigns and remains committed to actualizing the transformational potential of Namibian brands.

The new team consists of Gina Kavela (BA. Media Studies (Hon) Specialization: Public Relations & English University of Namibia), Josua Hamunyela (Bachelor of Communications NUST), Innocent Rukoro (BA Media and Communications UNAM) and Wetumwene Shikage (Bachelors of English NUST). The top 4 are enthusiastic for the learning process ahead. The work has already proven to be demanding, requiring significant amounts of time and consistent effort. The reward is in the lessons and real-world knowledge which lies at the end of their internship journey in March of 2021.

The expertise boasted within Poiyah Media is driven by the founder who is a well renowned public relations expert, with a Masters in Media and pursuing her PhD in Communications, through the University of Namibia.

Social Media Manger, Josua Hamunyela applauded Poiyah Media for allowing room for growth and the ability to add changes and new ways of thinking. “We are not only learning but we are given an opportunity to grow with the brand and allow our new ways to be integrated in Poiyah Medias’ business model,” he confidently said.

Meanwhile the next application recruitment process commences in March of 2021.




(Middle) Ilke Platt, (2nd row left) Wetumwene Shikage, (2nd row right) Innocent Rukoro (back row left) Josua Hamunyela and (back row right) Gina Kavela.

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