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Rhino gold bar proceeds fund new patrol car for Save the Rhino Trust

Rhino gold bar proceeds fund new patrol car for Save the Rhino Trust

At a time when tourism income has evaporated, the demand on wildlife protection has only increased. Helping to fill this gap is local gold major, B2Gold who donated a new Land Cruiser to Save the Rhino Trust.

The vehicle will be used by law enforcement to expand local patrolling in the northwest as deterrent to poachers during the lockdown-induced economic crisis. The Rhino Gold Bar Fund will also cover maintenance and running expenses.

The Land Cruiser was presented officially to the rhino protectors at a ceremony last week in Windhoek. B2Gold Managing Director, Mark Dawe said they are delighted to support the Trust and the Namibian Police to protect the black rhinos of the northwest.

“The Rhino Gold Bar initiative has proved an invaluable source of sustainable financing for rhino conservation, especially during these uncertain times,” he said.

The Trust’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Malherbe added “At Save the Rhino Trust our biggest need is to keep patrol teams in the field, properly equipped and supplied. This vehicle will help us achieve this. A big thanks to the B2Gold team for making this possible.’’

With a ground-breaking donation of 1000 ounces of gold, B2Gold has produced 1000 limited-edition Rhino gold bars, and with local and international investors, the miner is supporting communities in their work to secure a future for the last, free-roaming population of black rhino left on earth.

Dawe said B2Gold is also redefining conservation financing: This represents the first time that gold, a natural resource from the ground, is being used to provide sustainable funding to community initiatives for the protection of the critically endangered black rhino.

Part of the proceeds from the gold bars is used to support conservation at community level from where the trackers and rangers come. The conservation premium is used to support active protection in the field.

From the left, Dr Chris Brown, Chief Executive of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, Maxi Louis, Chairperson of Save the Rhino Trust board, Andrew Malherbe, the Trust’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Dawe, Managing Director and Country Manager of B2Gold Namibia, John Roos, B2Gold’s Manager: Projects and Compliance Finance, Charles Loots, the mine’s General Manager: Corporate, and Ignasius /Awaseb, the mine’s Corporate Social Investment Manager.


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