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MTC to invest a further N$11 million into rural electrification

MTC to invest a further N$11 million into rural electrification

Digital enabler, MTC will invest a further N$11 million to build power lines to various rural areas across the country, an executive said this week.

According to MTC’s Spokesperson, Tim Ekandjo, the mobile creative giant has invested over N$85 million over the last 2 years for rural electrification.

“As part of Phase 1 of our 081 project that aims to provide close to 100% network connectivity, we have so far invested a total of N$85 million to build over 133 power lines that now provides
electrification to rural areas that previously had no electricity,” he added.

Ekandjo said as part of Phase 2 that commenced in March of 2020, MTC will build another 105 power lines that will connect 105 rural sites.

“These power lines are not just meant to provide power to our sites but to the entire area and that is why we deliberately decided to invest in power lines as opposed to simply buying generators which would only have benefitted our sites. We see this investment as one of social and economic development because once a rural area is electrified it creates other essential economic opportunities for other stakeholders,” he concluded.


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