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NSX-listed Exchange Traded Funds grow from nine to eleven

NSX-listed Exchange Traded Funds grow from nine to eleven

Two more Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) joined the other nine on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) on Friday morning, bringing more options for local investors to utilise these flexible instruments that offer access to offshore assets.

Standard Bank announced on Friday 16 October 2020 that in collaboration with Liberty and STANLIB, it has listed the 1nvest gold and platinum ETFs on the NSX joining the 1nvest palladium fund which was listed in 2015 when 1nvest still traded as AfricaETF.

1nvest is a specialist index tracking fund provider with a portfolio dedicated to precious metals. 1nvest Executive, Johann Erasmus said “Precious metal ETFs are designed to offer investors a secured, simple, and cost-efficient way to procure direct access to the precious metal market. Currently we are experiencing one of the most volatile periods in recent history. Investors who seek a certain amount of stability may consider increasing their exposure to safe-haven assets like gold through an ETF structure.”

Erasmus said that1nvest is geared specifically to provide simple, transparent and cost-effective passive investment products including passive unit trusts and ETFs. It is the product of collaboration from all three businesses under Standard Bank Group, combining existing index funds, experience and expertise to provide clients with a comprehensive range of 28 index tracking funds across multiple asset classes and geographies.

“ETFs are great tools to give an investor exposure to the market and help to add an element of diversification to a portfolio. As building blocks, we see 1nvest ETF offering investors a way to gain the desired exposure, allowing individuals to tailor portfolios to meet their investment goals,” stated Erasmus.

The other ETFs listed on the NSX are 1nvestPalladium, NewFunds S&P Namibia Bond, New Gold Issuer Ltd NM, New Gold Palladium, New Gold Platinum, Satrix MSCI EMG Markets, Satrix MSCI World Feeder, Satrix Nasdaq 100 Prtf, and Satrix S&P 500 Feeder.


Johann Erasmus, the 1nvest Executive responsible for Exchange Traded Funds.


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