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German boost for Basketball

DBB representative, Joachim Spaegele and NBF president, Kerii Tjitendero during the signing of the MoU this week.The German Basketball Federation (DBB) and is Namibian partner, (NBF) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) early this week. DBB representative, Joachim Spaegele and NBF president, Kerii Tjitendero signed the agreement at the Directorate of Sport at the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports  and Culture premises, which was followed by a press conference
The agreement does not only show cooperation between the two federations, but also the countries at large, after German basketball expert Frank Albin was seconded to Namibia in 2009 to help develop mini basketball.
André Scholz, Chargé d’Affaires of the German Embassy in Namibia, was pleased to see the official bilateral cooperation between the two governments being extended to the two national federations. He also confirmed that Albin’s project will be extended for another two years until September 2013.
The secondment of Albin to Namibia by the German government is within the framework of its global sports promotion programme which supports the development of sports by, amongst others, seconding sport experts, donating sport equipment and offering training courses by coaches at various sport schools and universities in Germany.
The delegation of the DBB headed by Joachim Spaegele, who came to Namibia for the third time since 2010, was joined by Mrs. Regina Haegele and Mr. Gerhard Haegele, supporters and private sponsors of the Basketball Artists School (BAS) in Katutura.
The delegation also visited Katutura, where they met their godchildren, Reuney and Helena and the other basketball players and handed them donations in acknowledgment of the progress and achievements made so far.

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