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GIPF sharpens media practitioners knowledge of local investment ecosystem

GIPF sharpens media practitioners knowledge of local investment ecosystem

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) recently held a half day Investment Media workshop, at Lemon Tree, in Windhoek. The workshop’s objective was to educate media practitioners on the investment ecosystem and create awareness on why Pension Fund’s like the GIPF invest their members’ contributions.

“GIPF invited industry experts to unpack topics such as; the flow of money in the economy, how to invest in government bonds, the role of custody banks, the role of asset managers, facilitating the selling and purchasing of stocks on the Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX) and responsible investing reporting. Media practitioners are critical stakeholders of the GIPF. It’s on this premise, that the Fund decided to organize an intervention that will add to the body of knowledge of the media fraternity”, said Nuyoma,”, said David Nujoma, Chief Executive Officer/ Principal Officer.

“GIPF is the biggest pension fund in Namibia and as such, we have been inundated with media queries regarding our investments. This resulted in the Fund realizing the importance of engaging with the media, who are the watch dog of our members, on the fundamentals of investments, to ensure they disseminate correct information when reporting”, said Immanuel Kadhila, Acting GM: Investments.

Bank of Namibia’s Deputy Director of Investments and Domestic Markets, Helvi Fillipus, explained the flow of money in the economy. Fillipus dismissed the sensationalized notion that “GIPF is bailing out the government” by stating that Government Bonds are accessible to anyone, as they are merely a financial instrument within the investment ecosystem.


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