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Government’s decision to open schools not sitting well with Teachers union

Government’s decision to open schools not sitting well with Teachers union

The Namibia’s National Teachers Union (NANTU) this week expressed their discontent and disappointment with the government’s and the Education Ministry’s decision to reopen schools for face to face teaching and learning for all grades scheduled for 7 September, under the prevailing COVID-19 situation.

The decision to reopen the schools was made on last week by the president during the 16th COVID-19 media briefing on the national response measures.

“NANTU appreciates measures and efforts put in place by the government to curb and combat the spread of the virus, but it must be noted that this decision to reopen schools does not sit well with the union,” the union’s secretary-general Loide Shaanika said in an memo.

“It is compromising on the health and safety of members, support staff, and learners. This is completely unacceptable. The unfortunate conditions of our schools are explicitly known by everyone,” she added.

According to Shaanika the health and safety of members, teachers, and learners are of paramount importance, as a result, NANTU is busy engaging the Office of the Prime Minister to discuss this issue as a matter of urgency and the outcome of the engagement.

“The position of the union remains unchanged, not negotiable, we cannot negotiate about dangerous, infectious and contagious health issues,” she added.

Shaanika meanwhile urged the nation to remain calm, united while exhausting the internal processes in terms of their recognition agreement with the government.


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