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Kaokoland Defenders shod in Goodyear DuraTrac for extreme offroading

Kaokoland Defenders shod in Goodyear DuraTrac for extreme offroading

A tyre manufacturer with a splendid Namibian track record, Goodyear, has again proven its reliability when earlier this year, it was fitted to all seven Land Rover Defenders for a media launch in the most remote of remote places, Kaokoland in the Kunene Region.

The workhorse Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac in 18” and 19” sizes took the convoy across the best overlanding and offroading Namibia has on the menu. Kaokoland was specifically chosen for its unpredictable terrain ranging from endless stretches of deep sand to steep rock crevices to unpredictable floods in riverbeds that are usually bone dry.

The notorious Van Zyl’s Pass which the convey descended on the second day of the launch, proved to be the ultimate testing ground for any tyre manufacturer. Again, the DuraTracs came through scratched but unscathed.

But even the most ardent offroad enthusiast has to drive on normal tarmac roads and for this application, Goodyear is punting its well-known Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure, available in 18”., 19” and 20” sizes.

“This multi-skilled and all-round tyre allows drivers of the New Land Rover Defender to enjoy a very high level of ride comfort and at the same time leave the road at any time and face off-road tracks with absolute confidence,” stated Goodyear.

It has a reinforced carcass to give consistency and prevent punctures and perforations during off-road use. The shoulders have DuraWall technology that avoids punctures or breaks in the flank area, very useful when driving on rocky areas. According to Goodyear, the Wrangler All Terrain Adventure range features an optimised tread design, which allows it to book significantly more mileage than the average of its competitors.


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