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Capricorn Group zooms in on mental health

Capricorn Group zooms in on mental health

The Capricorn Group this week hosted its seventh Inspire session, focusing on mental health. The Group’s inspire platform was graced by doctors Gerhard Marx, Mercy Tichareva and Chido Rwafa-Madzvamutse, who shared diverse aspects of mental health and contributing factors of mental health disruptions.

The panel also helped viewers to understand how to reach a balance between work and personal responsibilities to achieve psychological resilience.

Capricorn Group has over the years become synonymous with these inspiring events, featuring well-known celebrities in the past, and rousing conversations with mind-shifting potential. The previous Inspire sessions allowed for face to face engagement.

This time around, a first for the Group, the Inspire session took on a digital approach, live on the Group’s Facebook and YouTube page.

“With unpredictable changes brought about by this pandemic, the Group believes that we all need some extra coping mechanisms to deal with the demands of life. Offering such sessions is how we live true to our purpose of being Connectors of Positive Change,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer: Brand & Corporate Affairs.

The highly qualified professionals enlightened and encouraged as they shared their expertise, engaging several people, who responded positively on the platforms.

Dr Marx is a super-specialist general psychiatrist, who has worked in public and private mental health care for over 20 years. He has been in private practice for 11 years and is a committee member of the Health Profession Council of Namibia. His interests include Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, the History of Psychiatry, Mood Disorders and Anxiety Disorders.

Dr Mercy is a General Practitioner with eight years of extensive experience in Psychiatry both in public and private mental health. Her passion is to improve awareness of mental health.

Dr Chido is a consultant psychiatrist, who has worked in public and private mental health care for the last eight years, striving to improve awareness about and reduce stigma towards mental health issues as well as improve access to quality mental healthcare. She has an interest in workplace mental health, women’s mental health and marital therapy.

Caption: From left to right, Doctors Gerhard Marx, Chido Rwafa-Madzvamutse and Mercy Tichareva.


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