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Nedbank contributes N$1 million to conservation relief

Nedbank contributes N$1 million to conservation relief

Nedbank Namibia under the Go-Green Fund initiative in partnership with the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF), are actively supporting seven CBNRM Conservancies (Muduva Nyangana, George Mukoya, Maurus Nekaro, Kapinga kaMwalye, !Khoro!Goreb, //Audi and Omuramba ua Mbinda) through the Conservation Relief, Recovery, and Resilience Fund (CRRRF) launched by the Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT).

In response to the extraordinary situation brought about by the COVID19 virus, the Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT) launched a Conservation Relief, Recovery, and Resilience Fund on 5 May.

This fund is designed to help mitigated against the economic and social impact of the catastrophic drop in tourism (hunting and photographic) and to ensure that the natural resource base is secured for a recovery of nature based tourism in Namibia. Communal conservancies help generate

Last week NNF and MEFT staff visited Muduva Nyangana, George Mukoya, Maurus Nekaro, Kapinga kaMwalye, and Omuramba ua Mbinda Conservancies to meet with Conservancy Members and to explain the Grant mechanism and answer any questions.

The funding is facilitating the medium to long term recovery and resilience measures for the CBNRM entities in safeguarding the environment, securing Tourism and other resource-based enterprises that pay for conservation costs and livelihood benefit.

“The greatest power for change lies in caring for our communities and our environment. Therefore, our greatness is measured by our actions to support our communities in dire times and to make sure natural resources are wisely managed in this devastating period.” Inonge Guillemin- NNF Go-Green Project Coordinator. Namibia Nature Foundation.

Nedbank Namibia and the Namibia Nature Foundation understand that the government cannot do it alone and that funding is often very limited. As a key partnership working towards promoting sustainable development, and community-based wildlife conservation, we remain committed more than ever to supporting communities and wildlife as we go through the pandemic and come to the other side of it.

“The Nedbank CSI committee made an executive decision to allocate an amount of N$1 million towards supporting rural conservancies through these challenging times. This will be coordinated through the Conservation Relief Recovery & Resilience Facility established by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism to help communal conservancies respond to the challenges imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic.” – Helene Meintjes – Manager: Marketing, Brand, and Sponsorship, Nedbank Namibia.

The next visit will be to !Khoro!Goreb and //Audi Conservancies in Southern Kunene to complete the initial exercise. This funding will not only help rural communities and conservation but is an example of why Namibia is a global leader in conservation, because we practice people centric conservation.

Caption: Mrs Inonge Guillemin (NNF), Mr. Thomas Muronga (KKC Chairperson) Mr. Willbard Mukena (MEFT), Martin Haingura (KKC Secretary) and two game rangers of the Kapinga Kamwalye Conservancy (KKC).


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