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Farmers benefit from medical aid

Almost 500 members of the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) have already signed up for the  Nammed Medical Aid Fund since the commercialisation of the fund in 1999.
Members of NAU have thus been benefiting from the premium group rate which is a discount given to a group of ten principal members who apply for the NAMMED Medical Aid Fund. The fund said it currently has 470 NAU registerd members. to qualify for the benefit. Members of NAU are required to provide proof of their NAU membership and complete all required documentation. They may add their beneficiaries or dependents to their medical aid scheme.
The Namibia Agricultural Union spearheads organized agriculture in Namibia. In its 62 years of existence this national organization has established itself well as the mouthpiece and mediator of  commercial farmers. The NAU not only represents the farmers’ thoughts and aspirations up front, but also endeavors to develop the total agricultural community. Membership is voluntary to and any  entrepreneur of 18 years and older who owns agricultural land, leases land, is a part-time farmer or occupies land himself can become a member of the NAU via a farmers’ association. The NAU finances itself through the subscription of its members and levies on products.
Established in February 1990, Nammed Medical Aid Fund was founded by the NAU with Old Mutual as the administrator. After independence the Fund was established with the aim of providing Namibian Farmers with Medical Aid to ensure medical cover and certainty.
Nammed members have automatic E-Med Rescue 24 cover and since January 2013, all Nammed Nammed members also qualify for International Medical Insurance for Travellers.

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