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Groot Aub orphans get proper sanitation, electricity and equipped feeding centre

Groot Aub orphans get proper sanitation, electricity and equipped feeding centre

On top of the N$5 million which the Capricorn Group has contributed to vulnerable communities during the lockdown, the group extended another N$300,000 recently to the Youth Worship Team in Groot Aub, a transitory rural community some 50 km south of Windhoek.

The Team operates a secure refuge for 10 orphans and a feeding centre for some 70 children from the Groot Aub community. When the lockdown started, the centre came under increasing pressure as it did not have the basic infrastructure to provide clean water to the children. Capricorn Group’s partner, Imago Dei, who assists with a number of vulnerability programmes, highlighted the plight of the centre to the group.

In addition to the direct financial support to improve the centre’s amenities, a group of 30 Capricorn employees in their role as Changemakers, volunteered their time to visit the centre. In the spirit of being Connectors of Positive Change, the employees served meals and drinks to the children, handed out masks and hand sanitiser and demonstrated the correct use of masks and sanitiser.

“The project truly brings great hope for the community of Groot Aub, but the corrugated structure which has no running water or electricity, is a major setback for the regular activities of the centre. Capricorn Group’s contribution has kick-started the developments at this centre, and the children will soon have a solid housing structure, toilets, and a water tank to provide decent sanitation,” said Marlize Horn, Group Executive: Brand and Corporate Affairs of Capricorn Group.

Styling themselves as Changemakers, employees of the Capricorn Group last Friday visited the orphans of the Youth Worship Team in Groot Aub, bringing the good news that the financial services group will help to improve the local feeding centre. As part of the day’s activities, the Changemakers showed the children how to wear face masks and wash hands properly.


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