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Unified specification on F5G to empower industry growth – Expert

Unified specification on F5G to empower industry growth – Expert

BEIJING/PRNewswire/ — Unified specifications on the fifth generation of the fixed network (F5G) should be formulated to meet rising demand for higher and faster broadband network and empower industrial growth, an expert said Wednesday.

Dr. Jiang Ming, vice chair of Industry Specification Group F5G (ISG F5G) at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), made the comments at the 2020 Customer Strategy and Pain Points Analysis Seminar (CSPA) organized by China’s telecoms giant Huawei.

Jiang said the rapid development of the digital economy and the COVID-19 pandemic have advanced the need for faster and more reliable internet connections.

Fiber networks, as the basis of both 5G and F5G technologies, are the future of broadband, she said. It not only serves users and telecom operators, but also empowers the development of various businesses and industries.

However, Jiang said the development of fiber networks, as a new infrastructure, is at different stages in different countries and regions, and industrial specifications are still fragmented.

In February, ETSI announced the launch of a group dedicated to specifying the fifth generation of the fixed network (ETSI ISG F5G). This group focuses on studying the fixed-network evolution required to match and further enhance the benefits that 5G has brought to mobile networks and communications. It will also suggest improvements based on previous solutions and the new characteristics of F5G.

F5G features full-fiber connection, enhanced fixed broadband and a guaranteed reliable experience, said Jiang. The ISG’s ambition is to open new opportunities by applying fiber technology to various scenarios, making the paradigm of “Fiber to the Home” become “Fiber to Everything Everywhere.”

She said the group will work to produce a white paper, a series of research papers for F5G, and contribute to a comprehensive F5G industry ecosystem in partnerships with its members.

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