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Khomas Governor’s development programme extends more support to small entrepreneurs

Khomas Governor’s development programme extends more support to small entrepreneurs

By David Adetona.

Namsov Fishing, through the Namsov Community Trust, recently donated equipment and material to the value of N$700,000, to the Khomas Region as part of the Governor’s development programme to support the self-employed and small entrepreneurs.

The Khomas Governor, Hon Laura McLeod-Katjirua accepted the donation on behalf of the Regional Council and immediately started distributing some of the proceeds to charitable self-help schemes that are active in the region’s ten constituencies.

The Governor’s development programme has partnered with the Trust since 2014 to support and build capacity for social and economic development, in the process supporting job creation. In total, the fishing company has expended some N$2 million to support the programme which is now in its third phase.

The projects that received equipment or material include catering, hospitality, tailoring, barbering and shoemaking using old tyres. All these projects promote entrepreneurship and self-employment, at the same time boosting employment to others.

Accepting the equipment, the Executive Director of the Lidar Community Foundation, Serley Khaxas, was grateful and acknowledged the value of the assistance and support from the Office of the Governor and from the Namsov Community Trust.

Presenting the items to the beneficiaries, the Governor said that there is a need to align development and empowerment strategies to strengthen the capacity of the people to actively and meaningfully participate in economic activities for sustainable jobs creation. She emphasised the key development principle that assistance must help people to help themselves to change their economic status.

“Economic empowerment for the people to bring about economic change is essential for remedial factors to achieve equality and the eradication of hunger and poverty. A well-structured inclusive empowerment [approach] culminates in transformation that gives birth to a sense of identity, dignity, self-esteem and the ability to imagine and aspire to a better future,” said the Governor.

She stated that project selection for equipment or material is done in a very transparent manner by a selected committee that examines the applications and also visits the project or work site for verification before final approval. This may take several months or even a year.

Chairperson of the Khomas Regional Council, Hon Rachel Jacobs, advised the beneficiaries to take the valuable items and [use] them to create industry and employment in their constituencies. She is positive that encouraging the community to start or develop income generating activities or entrepreneurship projects will always be a contribution to achieving a secure livelihood and economic empowerment of the communities.


Caption: This group of cobblers is one of the beneficiaries of the Khomas Governor’s development programme. They use discarded tyres to make shoes which are then sold in Windhoek. Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua stands second from the left, holding a tyre. On the left is Julius Ndamona and on the right are George Nghikumwa and Nation Ignatius. The Governor’s programme is supported by Namsov Fishing Enterprises through the Namsov Community Trust. (Photograph by David Adetona).

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