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What about desalination?

Dear Sir
Passing the desalination plant at Wlotzka Baken during the holiday, I visited the pump station. The main desalination plant is situated east of the Swakopmund Henties Bay road, approximately two kilometres from the ocean, while the pump station is west of the road and about 300 metres away from the water’s edge. There was nobody at the pump station and one of the doors stood ajar. A peek inside showed a large array of huge pumps and pipes. The inside of the pump house is about three storeys high of which half is below ground level. It is an impressive setup and from my superficial observation, I could see that it is meant to move a massive amount of water.
Back on the main road, the desalination plant itself also looked deserted although I noticed two vehicles next to a building. Since Areva’s announcement late last year that they are reconsidering and restrategising their whole Uranium involvement in Namibia, I am wondering what is going to happen to the desalination plant. Its water was intended solely for the Areva mine at Trekkopje and as far as best projections go, this has now been delayed by at least two years. Areva also tried to get Namwater to buy half of the full water production from them but this deal did not materialise. What will happen to the plant in the meantime?

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