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Tourism and travel consultant is the curtain raiser in the Economist SME Free Advertising competition

Tourism and travel consultant is the curtain raiser in the Economist SME Free Advertising competition

Abasha Tjipetekera of Shange Tourism Consultants is the winner in the first weekly draw for the Economist SME Free Advertising competition.

She is now in the run for the monthly draw where the winner will receive free advertising in the Economist to the value of N$15,000. The winner’s advertisement and business editorial will run for a month.

Abasha told the Economist that she is the founder and Director of her small company which she started based on the perceived need to assist other individuals or companies in the tourism industry to process the myriad of paperwork.

“I started Shange Tourism Consultants to help tourism business owners to establish their own tourism businesses, both accommodation and regulated operators, to get them through the lengthy paperwork of the industry,” she said. Clients will find her on the third floor of Maerua Mall office tower.

Shange Tourism Consultants plays a vital enabling role between the industry and the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB).

“We offer a variety of services such as company registrations, NTB registrations, liquor license applications, tour facilitation, and putting together affordable travel packages for local Namibian clients,” she continued.

“We do a lot more,” she said adding that each client comes with a different set of needs. “Thus our services are customized as per our clients’ needs. I am passionate about the tourism industry and I strive to deliver excellent service to all my clients,” she said.

Abasha can be contacted at 081 290 2446.


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