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Looking for the next trend

Marcelino Dentlinger, Rivan Meyer and Rodney Shivangulula are the three individuals charged with the formidable task of identifying Standard Bank’s future channels of business growth and revenue. The bank recently announced it has appointed these three as Channel Managers. Meyer took on his new role recently and is responsible for the development, implementation, enhancement and support of Standard Bank Namibia’s Internet banking products and services. Previously he was involved in the implementation of the bank’s new Core Banking System, firstly in Operations and afterwards in its Channel space dealing with Internet Banking, MyUpdates, Mobile Banking and ATMS. About his new position, Dentlinger said “Working in Channels is exciting and challenging. We’re constantly looking for the next big thing in banking and with technology evolving almost daily, there’s always something new. I’m very keen on anything involving technology, so for me this is the best job under the sun at the moment.” Apart from looking after the existing mobile channels like WAP Banking and MyUpdates, his job entails exploring and developing new avenues for generating revenue for the bank through mobile channels. At the same time with support from different departments like IT and Sales he is responsible for providing the best product to customers and drive its growth, ultimately increasing the bank’s revenue. Although new to the banking industry, Shivangulula, as an ATM Manager is responsible for the administration of the bank’s ATM products, services and related systems.

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