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“Zero cash deposit fees” Bank Windhoek

Bank Windhoek has announced the implementation of zero cash handling fee benefits for its savings and investment account clients, in line with the Bank of Namibia’s standards for cash deposit Fees for Individuals andbusinesses.
Bank Windhoek clients with individual savings and investment accounts will pay no cash deposit fees for the first N$2000 deposited per month into these accounts. This zero-rated cash deposit fee becomes effective on 31 July 2013. Furthermore, Bank Windhoek’s businesses clients, with an annual turnover of N$1 million or less, will pay no cash deposit fee for the first N$10,000 deposited per month. This zero-rated cash deposit fee for businesses becomes effective on 31 October 2013.
“We remain committed to disclose our fees and charges in a transparent way and in accordance with the Code of Banking Practice to which Bank Windhoek subscribes to. Furthermore, Bank Windhoek aims to give our clients the best advice on using their bank accounts as cost-effectively as possible, thereby assisting them to pay the lowest possible fees for their day-to-day banking.
“As the financial partner of our clients, we want our clients to make informed decisions when managing their bank accounts and using our products and services, as ultimately Bank Windhoek aims to make banking easy and accessible”, said Christo de Vries, the bank’s Managing Director.

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