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Suspend face to face classes for 14 days – NANTU

Suspend face to face classes for 14 days – NANTU

The Namibia National Teachers’ Union (NANTU) is demanding for the immediate suspension of face to face schooling for all grades following the announcement of a local COVID-19 transmission.

The union expressed their view in a statement this week as they strongly feel that the situation is no longer safe and pose danger to the school community, despite temporary measures put in place specifically for Mariental High school.

“The case number 37 of the 20 year old male student who travelled from Walvis Bay to Mariental, is very serious and disturbing, given his historic travelling background and that he might have had contact with many of his community members and with friends who might also be learners from other school, which makes it very difficult to continue with the fact to face schooling at this moment,” they added.

Furthermore they stated that this might not be the only case of a learner or student who might have travelled from the Erongo Region, which is currently under lockdown as a measure to contain the virus and avoid further spreading.

“Given the above mentioned background, e are calling upon the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture to suspend the fact to face contact classes for all grades for a period of 14 day with immediate effect, while monitoring the situation and carrying out a comprehensive assessment to inform us on the way forward,” they concluded.


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