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Upgraded and prepared Tsumeb hospital ready for infections

Upgraded and prepared Tsumeb hospital ready for infections

The pledge made earlier during the COVID-19 crisis by Dundee Precious Metals to upgrade and equip the Tsumeb State Hospital reached a tangible conclusion last week when the smelter presented the improved facility to the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Should any Corona virus infections occur in Tsumeb or the Oshikoto region, the hospital is now in a state of readiness to handle the situation. Dundee’s N$5 million investment covers, amongst others, a decontamination facility, screening rooms, an upgraded ward, liquid oxygen, a refurbished reception and testing room and a range of hospital equipment. Also included are protective gear for the health workers and repair of the hospital’s ambulance.

Dundee Managing Director, Zebra Kasete said “We have taken this approach because hospitals are the front lines in the fight against COVID-19 and the warriors are the dedicated doctors, nurses and technicians who need our support. In this fight, we are proud to be part of their ‘supply line’ to help them conquer a determined and deadly foe. Our frontline health workers have more than earned our gratitude and support.”

“The past few months have been stressful on many people but I am confident in our resilience, our shared commitment to a better tomorrow and I am grateful that our company can play a role in making our hospital better prepared to manage the virus,” he said.

Health Minister, Dr Kalumbi Shangula said “This investment has come at the right time and complements the ministry’s efforts to mitigate and contain the virus. On behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Services I am honoured to express my appreciation and thanks for your unwavering support and commitment. We are honoured and humbled to have such big and supporting partners in your esteemed personnel and committees working so hard to ensure that the hospital is meeting the COVID-19 pandemic readiness.”

Caption: Managing Director and Vice President of Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb, Mr Zebra Kasete.


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