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Brand Africa 100 rankings find only 20% of most popular brands in Africa indigenous

Brand Africa 100 rankings find only 20% of most popular brands in Africa indigenous

MTC is undoubtedly the most admired local brand in Namibia according to the 2020 Brand Africa 100 rankings published this week by the African Business magazine in collaboration with advertising agency, TBWA.

At number two is the African brand, Mshasho with the ever-popular Top Score in third position. Other brands that achieved notable positions are South Africa’s MTN and DsTV, and local stalwart, Windhoek Lager.

The brand rankings test perceptions around local, continental and international brands.

Overall, the most admired brand across the continent is the international sport and lifestyle brand, Nike.

In the media category, DsTV, local broadcaster NBC and CNN were chosen as the top three brands in Namibia.

In the financial services category, FNB, Bank Windhoek and Old Mutual occupy the top slots.

A feature of the rankings for Namibia is that 87% of the most popular brands are non-African.

African brands have dropped to an all-time low of only 13% of the Top 100 most admired brands, 7% less than 2019.

Thebe Ikalafeng, founder and chairman of Brand Africa, said “It is concerning that despite the vibrant entrepreneurial environment, Africa is not creating more competitive brands to meet the needs of its growing consumer market.”

Brand Africa 100 is a consumer-based survey that tests brand preferences across Africa. The survey is conducted in a representative sample of respondents 18 years and older, in 27 countries which collectively represent 50% of the continent, covering all economic regions and accounting for an estimated 80% of the both population and GDP of Africa. The 2020 survey was conducted between February and April 2020 and yielded over 15,000 brand mentions and over 2,000 unique brands.


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