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Highest monthly increase

May saw an increase in vehicle sales month on month by 12.7%. This represents the highest monthly increase since January this year. The 11.5 increase in percentage points from April’s increase placed vehicle sales at 1284 units. Year to date figures show that 5539 vehicles have been sold. Year to date passenger vehicles represent 46.9 % of total vehicle sales while most vehicles sold go to light commercial vehicles which represent 48.1% of total vehicle sales.
Passenger vehicle sales were the highest for May. 611 units were sold representing a 21.4 percent increase from the previous month. Volkswagen and Toyota dominated the passenger market by selling the most vehicles in May, with Toyota claiming 22.7% of the market and Volkswagen claiming 21.7%. The second largest category in terms of vehicles sold went to light commercial vehicle sales. Mainly attributed by sales from the Toyota (287 units). The total sales in this category was 588 units.
There was a significant rise in month on month sales of heavy commercial vehicles with 15 units sold as compared to the 8 units sold in April. Extra heavy vehicles increased by 8 units in sales with 28 vehicles sold in May. Medium commercial vehicles doubled in sales, the highest jump within  any category with 36 units sold.
Vehicle sales amongst the popular German manufactures showed that demand for luxury cars is still on the rise. Audi sold 17 units as with the previous month. BMW sales increased exponentially to 15 units after a year low of 7 units in the month of April. Mercedes Benz recorded 29 units, 7 units higher than the month of April.
Dealers suspect that the increase in vehicle sales is due to improvements in the consumer financial position attributed by low interest rates and decrease in income tax.

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