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Meatco inks agreement with workers union

Meatco inks agreement with workers union

Meatco and the Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU) last week Friday signed the revised Recognition and Procedural Agreement, which will see all employees falling within the Bargaining Unit currently be represented by the Union during salary increment negotiations and other pertinent matters.

This agreement also recognises and acknowledges that sound and equitable relationships between employer and employees are essential for the promotion of goodwill, productivity and economic well-being of Meatco employees. Furthermore, this recognition regulates the communication and negotiations between Meatco and NAFAU as well as conform to the provisions of the Labour Law Act and related Laws of Namibia.

Meatco’s Chief Executive Officer, Mwilima Mushokabanji while speaking at the signing of the agreement, said the document is a reflection of a new season and century and it is seen as a renewal that defines an alternative future in terms of how both Meatco and the Union engage with the employees in the future.

“No organisation can survive with having employees who are not happy, rather they should look forward to coming to Meatco everyday excited and work to serve not because they are
forced by policies but because the environment is inspirational and stimulates them to offer their best. As Meatco’s Management we will always thrive to make sure that is achieved
without fail,” Mushokabanji said.

The first Recognition and Procedural Agreement between Meatco and NAFAU was adopted in 2008. The current agreement will be in place until such time that either party propose
amendments to it.

Caption: Meatco Management, NAFAU Representatives and Meatco Employee Representatives after signing the Recognition and Procedural Agreement.


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