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Erindi up for sale

The world renowned 70,000 hectare private game reserve and ranch Erindi is up for sale for a reported fee of about N$1.1 billion, the Economist has established.
According to information on Erindi’s official website and a property website, Erindi has been listed for US$110,000,000.
Stephan Alberts, who is listed on the LandWatch website as the sales agent for Erindi, told the Economist that the property was listed at the behest of owner Gert Joubert who “wants to test what offers he can get for the game reserve.”
Alberts said: “At the moment he (Joubert) has instructed me to put the property on the website to see what offers he can get.
Alberts indicated that Joubert has reached a point where he wants to sell, and was currently finalising evaluations of the property.
When contacted for comment, Paul Joubert, who identified himself as manager for Erindi, said he was unaware of any pending sale of Erindi. He referred all enquiries by the Economist to his brother, Gert Joubert, who is based in South Africa.
However, Gert Joubert denied that the game reserve was up for sale despite the Erindi website advertising the sale, adding that any talk of a sale is only a rumour that has been flying around for some time.
He said: “The sale of Erindi is only a rumour that has been flying around for some time. What happens is that people come to me and ask if I want to sell and I always tell them no. At the moment there is no such a idea; I will tell you if we want to sell, but at the moment there are no such plans.”
Described in their own marketing brochures as one of the most amazing conservation areas on earth, Erindi is home to over 20,000 animals from the smallest insect to the largest land mammals and a multitude of rare and endangered species.
When Gert Joubert turned 60, South African newspapers reported that he gave 60 special friends a small one-hectare plot in the massive ranch, as a personal gift from the property developer tycoon.

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