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If we can fix a ship, we can certainly fix a hospital bed

If we can fix a ship, we can certainly fix a hospital bed

The drydock operator in the port of Walvis Bay, Namdock, is using its technical expertise to fix ships, now also to fix equipment that will be used in the Covid-19 quarantine and treatment facility at the Walvis Bay State Hospital.

“While national infection rates and fatalities are currently low, COVID-19 has the potential to trigger a major health crisis in Namibia. We have already seen the global impact of the virus, and have taken the approach that ‘forewarned is forearmed’. For the sake of all those affected, everyone needs to proactively seek opportunities to use their skills and expertise to pioneer initiatives which will mitigate the impact of the pandemic,” said Namdock Marketing Manager, Quintin Simon.

While things are quiet on the ship repair side, Namdock decided to make its technical ability and its workshops available to the state hospital to repair beds, trolleys and bedside cabinets.

Over two weeks, the company’s technical and fabrication teams carried out inspections and structural repairs to operational and mechanical assemblies. A total of 25 beds, 3 trolleys and 10 cabinets were repaired.

“Our concern for Namdock staff, their families and our greater Walvis Bay community prompted us to lend a hand to the hospital. We wanted to do everything in our power to ensure local medical facilities are well equipped to care for those near and dear to us,” said Simon.

“We take our responsibilities as an employer, and global citizen, very seriously. Through our involvement with the Walvis Bay hospital and substantial financial contributions to the Erongo region’s Corona Care campaign, we continue to fight this pandemic alongside our fellow Namibians.”


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