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Kwaito artist EES, releases new love song in these uncertain times

Kwaito artist EES, releases new love song in these uncertain times

Kwaito musician EES recently released a new kwaito love song and video titled, ‘The One’ featuring ML, celebrating love between two people.

The new song and video was inspired by his wife whom he married a month ago, just before the lockdown started.

EES said the video showcases a young couple that are on their honeymoon in a big city, enjoying the comfort of being together and celebrating life. “There is a close up of the two holding hand, a wedding ring being put on a finger and a newly wed couple running out of the church, ready for their life together,” he explained.

According to EES the highlight of the music video is the ending, when it dramatically goes dark for a split second and later on shows different couple, from the elderly, lesbian and gay couples, mixed race couple and the words, ‘The greatest happiness in life is knowing that you are being LOVED’ at the end.

“This song is definitely a next level for me, and my vocal style takes the listeners to an emotional point of no return and it is about the true meaning of love and not just about material things, that many see as a basis of a partnership nowadays,” he emphasised.

He urged everyone to go to YouTube or Social Media and check out his latest masterpiece and support with a like or share.

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