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Executive Director of Education bemoans “prematurely circulated” academic calendar document

Executive Director of Education bemoans “prematurely circulated” academic calendar document

Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp said the document entitled ‘Education sector response to the Covid-19 pandemic’ was prematurely shared to the public.

Steenkamp stressed that due to the current situation where physical consultations cannot take place, the document, which proposes four academic calendar options, was only meant for stakeholders which include Regional Education Forums, Regional Directors of Education and their Management, Teachers Unions, Teachers and Principals, Student Unions, Schools Boards, Development partners etc.

“The Ministry wishes to assure the nation at large that so far no final decision has been taken on the issue as the document in question is still a working document and under deliberation,” she said.

Steenkamp further said stakeholder consultations are necessary in order to raise awareness amongst all stakeholders, seek for their buy-in and create ownership of the decision(s) that may be taken to ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved.

She noted that the ministry will remain focused on its mandate of ensuring quality, equitable and inclusive education and ensure all efforts are geared towards the best interest of children and the nation at large.

“We appeal to the public to allow us to continue with our processes before government can make a decision. The deliberations and decision making will continue at the highest level of government after which an announcement will be made. We call on everyone to remain calm and focused,” Steenkamp added.

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