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Note to public: “Drink more Serengeti and help fund anti-poaching unit.”

Note to public: “Drink more Serengeti and help fund anti-poaching unit.”

Taeuber & Corssen Hospitality, a company in the Bidvest stable, came up with the splendid idea to contribute ten dollars from every bottle of Serengeti wine they sell, to help finance Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) with their daily collecting of information used by law enforcement to combat poachers.

So far, Serengeti sales has generated more than N$14,000 in ISAP support. Earlier this month, this contribution was presented to ISAP’s Chief Operations Officer, Tinus Hansen by Monnique Kruger and Donelle Wilson of T&C Hospitality.

Since it was established, ISAP has been very successful to help reduce poaching in Namibia. ISAP relies on a dependable and accurate intelligence network to get information on wildlife crime, sometimes even when these crimes are still only in the planning stages. Their operations run on an impressive technology backbone enabling ISAP to gather intelligence far and wide from a network of established sources. This information is then passed to conservation authorities to thwart the criminals, or to speedily take them into custody after a crime.

Hansen expressed his gratitude for the donation and said that with concerted efforts and funding a significant dent can be made “to keep endangered species’ numbers sustainable. Rhino, elephant, lion, pangolin, fresh water fish, rosewood forests – are all targeted by poachers. We are committed to combat poaching through intelligence gathering and [we do this] with the support of communities, businesses and the government.”

Caption: Monnique Kruger and Donelle Wilson from Taeuber & Corssen Hospitality earlier this month presented Tinus Hansen (middle) of Intelligence Support Against Poaching with a contribution of N$14,400 to help the network-based anti-poaching unit in its never-ending work.


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